5 Things You Should Know About Rebel Seed Cider

Just getting to know us? We’ll help you out. Here are five things you need to know about Rebel Seed Cider—in no particular order.

  • #1: It is gluten-free. Truth be told, all cider is naturally gluten free. Even our “hoptimized” cider is gluten-free. Our hoptimized cider has added hops. Hops, which is popular in beer production, is a flower and not a grain. So fear not, gluten-sensitive friends.
  • #2: We have a sister brand. Rebel Seed’s sister brand is Harvest Ridge Winery. Our tasting rooms are one in the same, so when you visit us, you can try both cider and wine. Or you come to drink the cider and bring your wino friends. Fun for all.
  • #3: We have an official hashtag. Use it often. #TasteTheRebellion
  • #4: Our first ciders were released without a name. They were limited edition ciders for small scale release. As we are ready for wider distribution, we will release and market them under the names we have planned and tucked away.
  • #5: Our slogan represents the most important things to us: Love of our country, love of our family, love of our cider. Rebel Seed.

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