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Rebel Seed runs against the grain. In a mass-produced world, we’re returning the quality, vitality and sense of place to hard cider. Others start with concentrate; we start with the seed. We believe in knowing our farmers. We believe in nurturing the soil. We know where every apple that goes into our cider came from. We’ve laid eyes on every single tree. We are evangelists for quality, and we’re rebellious about what it takes to make great cider. Every cider we make starts with the seed.

Rebel Seed owner, Chuck Nunan, used his love for winemaking to open Harvest Ridge Winery in 2013. It didn’t take long for Chuck and his family to be inspired by the abundance of the local orchards and quality fruit, and operations quickly expanded to include hard cider.

The Rebel Seed brand and its values are born from a love of the United States, its history and the determination that built this country. Our love of country, paired with strong family roots, is the driving force behind Rebel Seed. In the tradition of those who built our great nation, our family works hard to take the bounty of this land and produce a cider that is second to none – a product of tradition, hard work and the best local fruit.

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Rebel Tradition

Cider has a prominent place in United States history. Early settlers from England, who struggled to grow crops like barley, found that apple trees thrived and provided a bounty of apples. Cider quickly became the preferred drink in the colonies, and apple production grew rapidly across the U.S. as explorers, missionaries and settlers like Johnny Chapman (aka. Johnny Appleseed) moved west, planting cider trees along the way.

Our U.S. forefathers also have close ties to cider. History books describe former presidents John Adams and William Henry Harrison as having consumed copious amounts of the beverage. Harrison’s presidential campaign even included a song about it! George Washington served cider at his campaign rallies, and Thomas Jefferson grew cider apples at Monticello.

Hard cider is rooted in the colonial history of our country. It reflects a time when families worked together to farm the land. A time when the early leaders were etching out the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. A time when farmers were discovering the potential of this land and all it could provide.

At Rebel Seed, we take that history, tradition and respect for the land and turn it into a product you savor.