Valentine’s Day Inspiration and Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for all of you with a significant other, the stress for the perfect date is on! The pressure to create a memorable, romantic evening is higher than ever, not to mention EXPENSIVE! But have no fear! Your Rebel Seed Cupid is here to help. So sit back, relax, and let’s plan out … Read More

How Hard Cider Shaped America

Hard cider is a delicious beverage enjoyed by people around the world. In the USA, there are 752 cider manufacturers dispersed among 46 states and the District of Colombia. It can be dry or sweet, and can vary in temperature. Many people choose to drink hard cider instead of other alcoholic beverages because it is gluten free, and lower in … Read More

The #CiderGod Update- August

I’m here! I’m alive! Woo… The past couple months have been really busy. Cider God could be gone for a while but not forever. I’m back to fill you in, connect the dots, put pen to paper, whatever other corny idiom you want to use. Without further ado, lets jump into some of the happenings going on around the cidery. … Read More

The #CIDERGOD Update – May

The calendar has hit June and you know what that means, an update from yours truly. May was really good to us as we continued our barrage of Red Cider upon the tri state area with another batch of kegs and bottles, 30 kegs and 33 cases to be exact. I’m very proud of this improved version of our red … Read More

THE #CiderGod Update- April

Damon here for your monthly Rebel Seed update from the production building. Action is picking up around here and I have great news to share.  In case you haven’t heard, we can now be found in Costco up in Christiana, Delaware. I’m very pumped to see our cider in various places but this one is big. That’s a wholesale warehouse! … Read More

February Update from Damon, #CiderGod

Damon here, for a Rebel Seed update from the production building. With February wrapping up, I figured I’d clue all you Rebels in with what’s gone down behind the scenes this month. Earlier in the month we finished up a batch of Hoptimized cider and brought it back in style with our Belgian Beer 750ml bottles. Be sure to ask … Read More

Hero-Hunts Foundation

If you are familiar with Harvest Ridge Winery and Rebel Seed Cider, you may know that our owners, Chuck and Chris Nunan, have a heart for philanthropy. Every year at Harvest Ridge, we put on festivals that raise funds for our two most beloved groups: children and military veterans. In fact, their life goal is to someday write a check … Read More

Sweet Red Cider

Be excited. Be very excited. We are bottling and getting ready to release a new cider. Our Sweet Red Cider will be hitting the shelves within the next couple of weeks. This time, it will be available on draft in the tasting room, in our traditional 750ml bottles, and now (drumroll) available in 12oz bottle 4 packs. This cider, made … Read More

Rebel Seed Cider Launch

We found it only fitting that we should launch the Rebel Seed Cider Club the same week in which we celebrate President’s Day. The event allowed people to purchase their limited edition numbered growler (only 150 of those were made and sold), taste a soon-to-be-released cider, and get information on all the cider club perks. But it wasn’t all serious business. … Read More