February Update from Damon, #CiderGod

Damon here, for a Rebel Seed update from the production building.

With February wrapping up, I figured I’d clue all you Rebels in with what’s gone down behind the scenes this month. Earlier in the month we finished up a batch of Hoptimized cider and brought it back in style with our Belgian Beer 750ml bottles. Be sure to ask about them and the First Anthem Belgian beer bottles in the tasting room.

New Belgian bottles, looking sharp.

But just because one batch is finalized doesn’t mean we stop working on churning out the very product you know and love. We’ve got another batch of both First Anthem and Hoptimized going through the initial production stages. A couple weeks ago we racked off our Stayman and Black Twig apples in an attempt to separate the juice from all the loose sediment or, lees, that’s fallen to the bottom of the tank. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be keeping an eye on these guys to ensure it’s stable and clarified enough for filtration. Lastly be on the lookout for sweet red cider making it’s return sometime in the Spring. We hope to take your taste buds to the next level this year with another year under our belts.

Everything getting happy in tanks.

-Cider God out.

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