Valentine’s Day Inspiration and Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for all of you with a significant other, the stress for the perfect date is on! The pressure to create a memorable, romantic evening is higher than ever, not to mention EXPENSIVE! But have no fear! Your Rebel Seed Cupid is here to help. So sit back, relax, and let’s plan out your magical Valentine’s Day.

Idea #1: Trip to a Winery or Cidery
Are you and your partner wine or cider fanatics? Have you ever wanted to go to a tasting together? Is the idea of sampling new flavors enticing? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the Valentine’s date for you. For those of you who are in the area, we would love to have you visit Harvest Ridge Winery and Rebel Seed Cidery. We open from 12-5PM on Valentine’s Day, so stop on in and enjoy a tasting to kick off your night! This is a great option if one of you loves wine and the other loves cider. Best of both worlds!

We understand, however, that many of you aren’t within driving distance. There are wineries all over the USA, so finding one close to you shouldn’t be difficult. To make the evening a bit mysterious, tell your partner to get dressed up, but say that the destination is a surprise. Imagine how excited they’ll be when you pull up to a beautiful vineyard for a tasting. The other great thing about this idea is that by doing a tasting together, you can find out what you like to drink as a couple. In the future, you’ll know exactly which wine or cider to get that you’ll both enjoy. Maybe you’ll try something new that you’ll really like!

Idea # 2: Dinner for 2

If you’re not one to venture out into the mayhem of restaurant dining on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. You can create a romantic, 5-star dining experience in the comfort of your own home. If you are a good cook, save money by making dinner yourself. Good ideas for a special meal are steak, lamb, scallops, lobster, rich and creamy pastas, rosemary potatoes, roasted veggies, or a hearty risotto. The possibilities are endless! Select a wine or cider that pairs well with the meal you cook to add that extra romance factor. (Need recommendations of a Rebel Seed Cider or Harvest Ridge Wine that pairs well with your chosen dish? Shoot us an email. We love making suggestions. Also, this is one day where you can’t skip dessert. Chocolate is the way to go. From cake to strawberries, CHOCOLATE IT UP!

If you aren’t into cooking, all is not lost. Many restaurants offer special Valentine’s Day takeout options. No one says it has to be super fancy either. If you and your special date are the type of couple to enjoy Chinese takeout over surf and turf, then by all means, do what will make you the happiest. Not only will you save money by not going out to eat, but it gives you priceless one-on-one time. There’s no rush, no waiting for your meal, no loud conversation from surrounding tables, just you and your sweetie.

Idea #3: Cozy Getaway

Taking luxurious trips and staying at private resorts are nice and all, but they aren’t always feasible. Not only do a lot of people work full time, but taking trips can be very expensive. That is why you should bring the romantic getaway to your home! Transform your living room into a cozy hideaway straight out of a movie. It’s way easier than you think! Got nice sheets, decorative fabric, clean table cloths, blankets, or unused drapes? Hang them from the walls, furniture, or ceiling to create a beautiful array of tapestries. Cover the ground with blankets, pillows, and rose petals. Light some candles, hang some string lights, and play around with the space until you are happy with how it looks. Have a small table or tray ready with two glasses and a bottle of your favorite wine or cider ready to pour. Play some nice music to set the ambiance, and all the perks of an expensive resort are yours!

Idea #4: Private Showing

Many people go to the movies on Valentine’s Day. It can be fun to see a movie with your partner, but the mood can easily be killed when a cell phone rings or the guy next to you won’t stop talking. You can still enjoy the fun of the movies without actually going to a theatre. All you have to do is pick your favorite movie to watch together, make some popcorn, buy their favorite candy, and lean back the recliner! Why buy a ticket to watch a movie with strangers when you can enjoy it just the two of you, and be nice and cozy in your own living room? The other plus to skipping the movie theatre is that you don’t have to sit through all of the previews!

We hope these ideas sparked the creative date planner in you! Remember, not everything has to be perfect, and it’s the thought and effort that show you care. All of us at Rebel Seed wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and hope your night is special. Have any more date ideas? Let us know in the comments!




Until next time!

-Jenna (a.k.a. Cupid)

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